In 2008, Elmont residents came together to create a vision plan to serve as a guide to redeveloping the area.  BDG used this vision as its benchmark in developing its plan.  Our proposed project will implement the redevelopment goals for the Belmont Park subdistrict.

BDG’s will develop a community-minded commercial complex that will create a dynamic gateway for Belmont Park and the Elmont community. The project will anchor the western commercial corridor along Hempstead Turnpike and provide a shopping, dining and recreational experience for the entire family.  In addition, the project will cater to patrons of Belmont Racetrack and provide a destination that will keep them in the community.

BDG is committed to becoming active in the Belmont Park community and coordinating a comprehensive, local hiring effort.  BDG and its anchor, Costco, will work with community organizations to maximize local employment opportunities.

As Costco explained at our outreach meeting in the Elmont Library, it will offer a large number of higher-paying, quality jobs for the area residents.

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Tenancies and Programming:

BDG is the only development team with a commitment from Costco for the Belmont Parcel.  In fact, representatives from Costco attended BDG’s community presentation at the Elmont Public Library on May 18th as members of the BDG team.  At the meeting, Costco highlighted that it is committed to bringing New York’s first Costco Business Center to Belmont Park to serve the Elmont Community.

With Costco as our anchor tenant, we’re confident we’ll be able to attract other exciting national retailers, such as Target and Trader Joe’s, and a wide variety of healthy, family-friendly restaurants that will appeal to local residents as well as visitors to the Elmont Community.

BDG has successfully grown its business by building strong relationships with top-level tenants.  We pride our long history and successful track record with a wide variety of quality retail, entertainment and dining establishments, all of whom will complement our vision to transform a vacant parking field into a premier destination.

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BDG’s strong, diverse relationships give us a clear advantage

Tenants Page

Community Outreach

Like we have done in so many of our other projects, BDG will work with the community and local stakeholders to add additional programming and tenancies pulling from our vast network of retailers.  We are experienced in facilitating planning workshops with local residents and community organizations.  We see local residents and organizations as our community partners and will work with them to refine our conceptual development plans to address the unique needs of the communities in which we develop.  This is our first step in becoming a part of the community.  Unlike many merchant builders, BDG takes real pride in being a long-term developer whose goal is to prove to be a good, multi-generational neighbor.  Our outreach efforts help foster support, consensus as well as collaboration and have consistently earned the respect of our neighbors.

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Architecture and Design

Conceptual Site Plan

belmont conceptual site plan


BDG is known for its excellence in design and aestheticsIn all of our projects, we strive to incorporate distinctive architecture and creative site planning and lush landscaping.  Our Belmont proposal attempts to achieve the design goals that were outlined in the community vision plan.  We have identified an area along Hempstead Turnpike where we can create a gateway feature to signify an entrance to the Elmont community.  As with many of our other projects, BDG will create an architectural theme for the overall project to ensure a cohesive design.  We have created downtowns and central gathering places within our developments that enhance the shopping experience.

We have incorporated walking paths throughout the development to encourage a healthy lifestyle so patrons can walk within the center and to welcome residents to visit the center as well as the amenities.  These pathways will also function as a landscaped buffer along the eastern perimeter of the property.  We recognize the need to mitigate the impact on the adjacent residential neighborhood.  We have thoughtfully oriented the buildings to shield the surrounding residential neighborhood from most active, and potentially disruptive, features of a retail operation:  Loading docks have been positioned along parking facilities and screened; entrances are located to activate internal cores and provide connectivity among users.

In addition, we have located the restaurants along Hempstead Turnpike to activate the gateway to Elmont.   As part of a gateway feature, the landscaped buffer along Hempstead Turnpike will serve as a linear park along the entry to Elmont commercial corridor.  Finally, we intend to target tenants who will offer a variety of dining experiences that will draw the patrons of Belmont Park into the community.

Like BDG has done for decades, in areas like Harlem, Deer Park, Jackson Heights, Syosset , the South Bronx and so many of our projects, we will create a sustainable environment that will enhance and help transform our neighboring community.  Costco’s building, for instance, typically complies with LEEDS Silver Certification.

Responsive to Community Comments:

As with our other projects, we believe that reaching out and engaging in a dialogue with the surrounding community early in the life of our projects helps us to create a better development plan. Given the importance of the redevelopment of the Belmont Park parcels to the Elmont community, we have participated in the community’s efforts to shape the future of this site.  As requested by community organizers, BDG and Costco met with residents to discuss our conceptual plan.  This allowed our team to hear firsthand the reactions of the residents.  We have already begun to explore opportunities to respond to comments and suggestions.  Based on the feedback from our meeting, our site plan can also accommodate a traditional Costco, which has a larger supermarket component featuring a variety of organic and healthy food options.

Community Amenities:

BDG is committed to building community amenities, including a multipurpose field, basketball courts, and community center.   In addition, BDG will make an annual donation to the community for operations and maintenance.  We believe that this is the best way to ensure to the residents that these amenities are in place and ready to be enjoyed by the community when we open our retail center.

Community Component – Concept Plan #1

Community Component-Concept Plan 1

Concept Plan #1 includes a Community Center, walking trails, a playground area, a multi-sport field with stands, basketball courts, and tennis courts.

Community Component – Option #2

Community Component Option 2

Concept Plan #2 includes a larger Community Center, additional walking trails, a playground area, additional landscaping areas and a multi-sport field with stands.

While we have outlined two initial preliminary concepts for the park area, we are committed to working with the community to incorporate changes at the desired facilities.  We want the community amenity to truly serve the community’s needs.

Employment: Quality Jobs with upward mobility

Beyond developing the project, BDG is committed to coordinating a local hiring effort.  As outlined in our community presentation, BDG and Costco will work with community organizations to maximize local employment opportunities for residents. We have a history of coordinating these hiring efforts with local communities on many of our past developments, and have found that they are successful on all fronts with high job retention rates.

We anticipate that our vision will generate approximately 300 construction jobs and between approximately 600 –  875 new permanent jobs.

Costco alone anticipates creating approximately 120 jobs, initially, with the potential to increase to 400 depending on the sales volume of the new Business Center.  The jobs that will be created range from managers and service assistants to meat cutters and truck drivers with salaries that vary:

  • Service Assistant $13.00 to $21.95 per hour
  • Service Clerk $13.50 to $23.65 per hour
  • Meat Cutters & Truck Drivers earn $13.50 to $25.13
  • Long term employees eligible for additional $5,000 to $8,000 bonus per year
  • Full time cashier’s annual salary plus bonus after 5 years ranges from $54,192 to $57,192.

Costco:  Great Benefits for Employees

Costco offers all employees working more than 23 hours per week are eligible for core medical, dental and vacation benefits after 6 months.  In order to allow those employees who want benefits, part-time employees at Costco are guaranteed 24 hours per week.  In addition, Costco prides itself on promoting from within; a policy that provides great opportunities for career advancement.

Joe Montesano-Costco

Joe Montesano, left, a representative of Costco, explained the impact that the retailer would have on the community. (liherald.com)


Brad + Ed Blumenfeld presentation

Brad Blumenfeld, left, and his father, Edward, believe that their plan will have a positive impact on the community. (liherald.com)


The BDG Difference:

Headquartered in Nassau County and established in 1978, Blumenfeld Development Group, Ltd. (“BDG”) is a full-service, family-owned, real estate development firm.  BDG is one of the largest retail developers in the region, known for its creative, transformational projects.  BDG’s fully integrated team allows for seamless packaging of all services, including those related  to  leasing,  acquisitions,  property  management,  construction,  entitlements,  permits  and  approvals, architectural and engineering design, and user operational planning.


Our vision, commitment to excellence in architecture and holistic approach toward real estate has enabled BDG to consistently “raise the bar” in over three decades serving the real estate market.  BDG brings a creative, “out of the box” approach to every project.

BDG’s core strengths lie in value-added, community-enhancing regionally significant development projects. While some of BDG’s most prosperous ventures have been in new development, the company has found a special niche in the redevelopment field.

Throughout its history, BDG has focused on underserved neighborhoods and underutilized properties that can be repositioned, remarketed, and through innovative architectural design and hands-on management become successful adaptive-reuse redevelopment projects.

Our projects span the NY metropolitan area and highlights include: 

  • East River Plaza, New York, NY:  located on the FDR in East Harlem this transformational project is anchored by the only Costco and Target in Manhattan.



  • Working with Community Board #11, local elected official, Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone, NYC Department of Small Business Services and STRIVE International, BDG helped facilitate a local hiring effort that resulted in approximately 67% of the new hires at the opening of the retail center residing in Upper Manhattan.


  • The Arches located in Deer Park, NY:  an 800,000 square foot walkable outlet center designed to create a vibrant downtown shopping and entertainment experience; the internal plaza serves as a downtown gathering place and event center for a community that had no such venue.



  • Throughout the entire project are lush gardens and landscaping to soften and enhance both the interior streetscape and the perimeter parking areas.
  • The Arches also has the distinction of being the 1st LEED Silver certified retail project in the State of New York.
  • The Arches was awarded a Silver Design Award and Gold Sustainability Award by International Council of Shopping Centers. 
  • It was recognized for its innovation, superior design and LEED certification.
  • BDG hosted approximately 20 local community workshops to refine our development plan and create a unique shopping experience
  • With the Town of Babylon, we coordinated local job fairs to ensure employment opportunities for local residents.


  • Life Time Fitness in Syosset:  BDG attracted Life Time to open its first club in New York State, a record-breaking 112,000 square foot health club and outdoor recreation center as well as attracting the adjoining Oyster Bay Park, now a gem in the community, and an amenity to the local schools, replete with a multi-sport field, stands and a children’s’ playground area.

lifetime 1


lifetime 2


Our goal is to create a project that enhances the overall environment of the communities in which we develop.  We are a generational company with a long-term vision for all of our projects.  We strive to create projects that will evolve and serve the community for generations.



Q:  What does your proposal offer the community?

A:  BDG has put together a thoughtful proposal that is intended to help the Elmont community realize its vision for the future.  We have incorporated elements of the 2008 vision plan, but we have also tried to recognize that there have been some changes since the plan was adopted.   In addition, we have targeted tenants that will address current needs in the community.  The Costco Business Center will not only be the first of its kind in New York, but it will fill the void left by the closing of Office Max.  It will also include a supermarket section with organic foods and healthy alternative at low prices.  In fact, Newsday recently named Costco one of the top supermarket chains in the country.

Finally, the community amenity will offer the flexibility to accommodate various recreational activities and programs.  Our intent is to build this space along with the retail center. We believe that this is the best way to ensure that the amenities are built and open along with the new retail center.


Q:  How will the community amenities be programmed? 

A:  We are proposing a multipurpose athletic field that can accommodate local recreational sports organizations.  The community center will have a flexible design so it can be used for a variety of programs and events.  In addition, we will make a donation to the community to support the operation of the facilities, which will allow the local organizations to determine what programmatic elements best suit the needs of local residents.  We remain open to changing the plan based on input from the community.


Q:  What sets BDG and its proposal apart from the other proposers/proposals?

A:  BDG’s core strengths lie in value added, community-enhancing regionally significant development projects.  East River Plaza and The Arches at Deer Park are two primary examples of the transformation project for which BDG has become known.

Throughout its history, BDG has focused on underserved neighborhoods and underutilized properties that can be repositioned, remarketed, and through innovative architectural design and hands-on management become successful adaptive-reuse redevelopment projects.

BDG has an extensive and successful track record in public-private partnerships, which is what will be required to realize the redevelopment of the Belmont parcels.  We have experience in working with federal, state and municipal agencies. We take pride in our ability to work with local governments and communities. Our extensive experience working with these agencies gives us the confidence that working together in the future will be as productive as it has been in the past. Our abilities to collaborate with and coordinate at all levels of government has enabled BDG to bring some of the most challenging and complex projects to the region.

We recognize that our redevelopment projects are opportunities to address needs in the surrounding communities.  We pride ourselves on working directly with local residents and community organizations to identify needs, bring desirable amenities and maximize local employment opportunities.

For over 30 years, BDG has concentrated on its primary development expertise  – retail development.  We have honed our skills, refined our understanding of the market, deepened our knowledge of the retail industry and expanded our pool of retailers to create an extensive lineup.  Our relationships have been formed by the many successful projects we have completed for our retailers.  A testament to the strength of our relationships, are the multiple projects we have completed together with our retail partners.


Q:  How is your approach different from other proposers?

A:  First, BDG has an extensive track record in successful commercial retail development.  Our projects have helped transform abandoned, underutilized sites into thriving centers of activity.  We are a generational company with a long-term vision for all of our projects.  We strive to create projects that will evolve and serve the community for generations. 

We engage with the community early in the planning stage of our projects.  With the Belmont Park parcels, we accepted the community’s invitation to present our proposal and hear directly from residents their thoughts our on conceptual plan.  Based on this feedback, BDG and Costco are considering a site plan alternative that accommodates a traditional Costco to include a larger supermarket component that features the organic and healthy food options requested by residents.


Q:  How will you enhance your conceptual site plan?

A:   Our site plan is just the beginning of the planning process.  We will refine the architectural elevations and other elements incorporating environmentally sensitive and sustainable practices to complement and enhance the surrounding community.  Our team has worked with a wide variety of retailers to incorporate their brand and prototype design into the architectural theme for the project.   Given the desire to create a gateway for the Elmont community,  we will work with local residents to further refine the landscaping for the  buffers and pathways as well as the feature for a gateway.


Q:  How did you decide on an all commercial project?

A:  BDG responded to an RFP issued by ESDC for the redevelopment of the Belmont parcels.  The RFP precluded residential development.  Our conceptual plan attempts to meet the development goals outlined by ESDC in its RFP yet be mindful of the community’s vision for the area.


Q:  Why are the buildings facing the interior of the site?

A:  We thoughtfully oriented the buildings to showcase the Elmont gateway and shield the surrounding residential neighborhood from the most active, and potentially disruptive, features of a retail operation.  Loading docks have been positioned along parking facilities and screened, away from the frontage along the Cross Island;  store entrances are located to activate internal cores and provide connectivity among users.  Our intention is mitigate the potential negative impacts of developing a parcel adjacent to residential neighborhood and create an aesthetically pleasing footprint.


Q:  We have heard that other developers have Costco and Target.  Is that true? How will they be tenants in your project?

A:  BDG has a long-standing and successful relationship with Costco and Target, including developing the first and only Costco and Target in Manhattan.  Given our past success, Costco has committed to bring its latest concept – its Business Center – to Elmont; the first business center in NY.   In fact, to demonstrate its commitment, Costco attended BDG’s community presentation as a member of our team.   


With such a strong anchor, BDG is confident that we will be able to reach into our extensive network of tenants to complete the project.


300 Robbins Lane

Syosset, New York 11791


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