Universal Music Group has been one of BDG Construction’s “Select Clients” for over ten years. With the music industry being ever changing, BDG has successfully catered to the industry’s mergers and acquisitions, expansions, new tastes and trends.

BDG has completed major construction and transformation of Universal’s Manhattan office spaces into vibrant work environments to further motivate and inspire the company’s musical ambitions.

BDG began the interior alteration of the existing office space into the office of record executive L.A. Reid, located at 825 8th Avenue, in 2004. This project was another team effort between BDG and Susan Blumenfeld Interiors. BDG executed SBI’s vision through a variety of tasks. The alteration of the executive offices included the installation of mahogany hardwood floors, Venetian plaster wall covering, antique lighting fixtures, custom millwork and a beverage bar with high-end appliances. In addition, the construction of private conference room, reception areas and bathroom with lavish finishes reinforced the opulent statement that this space expresses. Amidst the luxurious atmosphere, state of the art audio and visual instruments were installed throughout the space, seamlessly stitching together comfort and function. The interior is full of intricate details that stimulate the senses and truly reflects the music industry’s reputation for setting trends and lifestyles.

This successful relationship between BDG and Universal proves harmonious for this returning client recognizes BDG’s ability to physically mirror this industry’s lyrical creativity in the structure that surrounds them as they work.


Size & Scope

Interior alteration of existing office space into executive offices of L.A. Reid and Jay-Z

Services Provided

  • Preconstruction Management
  • Budget Management
  • General Contracting


Exec Office I: The Switzer Group (New York, New York) & Exec Office II: Keith Strand Architects, (New York, New York)


4-5 months