Project Overview

Susan Blumenfeld Interiors redesigned both the exterior and interior of a former industrial defense plant into Blumenfeld Development Group’s Corporate Headquarters.
With the structure having originally been built in the 1950′s, the architecture of the building was outmoded and insipid. In order to create an avant-garde space, the team based their concept on these pillars: fluidity of space, light and hyper-efficient function. In addition, the team chose accents to introduce a warm but striking interior, such as exposed steel beams and pipes that stretch across the high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows that line the exterior of the structure, to pay tribute to the building’s industrial past. Especially memorable is the 1,200 gallon salt water fish tank that hangs cantilevered on a raw steel beam in the entrance of the office. Furthermore, SBI integrated exposed brick walls, and other interesting finishes along with the clean color palette of solid green and white hues to emphasize the modernization of the space. Finally, the discerningly selected contemporary artwork from modern notable artists, such as Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Sol Lewitt, are on display throughout the office to truly bring this office’s ambiance into the modern time.
Susan Blumenfeld’s artistic prowess is prominently on display in this office through her addition of unlikely yet functional amenities. The facility includes a basketball court that serves as host to games between BDG and company associates, a fully equipped gym and a cafe that has every convenience to accommodate employees during their lunch hour as well as the occasional evening celebration. There is also a large executive conference and media room and three smaller conference rooms.
After a dramatic renovation, the building is now a state of the art office facility that has become a superb environment in which to conduct business and foster creativity.