BDG Construction has constructed complex shopping centers, office buildings, medical facilities, and industrial centers. In addition, BDG also has great experience in rehabilitating/redeveloping and repositioning projects to fit the technologies and markets of today, as can be noted in the redevelopment projects of BDG Headquarters and Bulova Corporate Center. By working closely with architects, engineers, designers and contractors, BDG plans and executes the building of a project efficiently and punctually.

BDG’s greatest strength comes from understanding client’s needs and recognizing the importance of being a detail-oriented team and catching things early. Therefore, throughout the predevelopment and construction phases of a project, BDG continuously communicates to the client, updating them on budgeting, scheduling and progress. BDG exercises this practice in order to accommodate to each client’s needs while the project materializes. BDG ensures that all projects are executed with utmost professionalism and quality workmanship.